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I am a huge fan of fashion and trends but I don’t necessarily follow every trend that comes out. I have to be comfortable wearing them and most importantly, I have to look good! Most of the time I insert a little of my own style and of course ingenuity to make it more personal. I usually browse these pages for reference and style inspirations: Lookbook.nu and Polyvore. Anyway, I’ve already noticed since Spring and Summer that boyfriend shorts or some may call them cropped denim shorts have become popular.

Style sets using boyfriend shorts

You can mix and match them with any style set and it still looks great. I have a hard time finding them in stores or online so I figured I could make my own. So I did and I just wanted to share how I did mine.


  1. worn out denim jeans/any type of jeans available
  2. marker/pen
  3. scissors
  4. sewing materials/sewing machine


  1. Choose the type of jeans you want to use. It could be a fitting type or the loose type. It could also be high-waist or hipster style. It all depends on you. You can even make one for each style.
  2. Wear your jeans and measure your desired length for your boyfriend shorts.
  3. Make markings to guide you once you start cutting.
  4. Lay down your jeans on an even surface. Make sure you flatten any uneven areas.
  5. Make your markings clear so that you won’t go wrong when you start cutting.
  6. Fold your jeans halfway vertically. This will ensure that both legs will have the same length.
  7. Start cutting the jeans taking note of the markings.
  8. Your jeans will now look like this. At this point you can choose whether you would like to fold the ends or just loosen a few threads to look like it has tassels for a more rugged look. Making tassels will take time and needs some skill. I chose to fold the ends for a neater look.
  9. After cutting the jeans, fold the ends at about 1/2 inch just to hide the ends.
  10. Then fold another 1 inch to secure it.
  11. You can choose either to use a needle and a thread or a sewing machine to secure the folds. I chose to use a needle and a thread because I wanted to go for the messy work path so it’s not too clean. I chose running stitch; however, you can decide what kind of stitch you want.

  • That’s it! 10 easy steps to follow and you’re one step closer to creating that fashionable look. You can also choose to bleach your jean shorts to have that faded look if your chosen denim is similar to mine.

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