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GuySpeak – Ask real men questions about anything and get real answers….

I know that every man is confused about women. They don’t know how our mind works. But there are more than enough resources to refer to so you can figure us out. But women, on the other hand, are equally frustrated when it comes to reading guys. What goes on inside that head of yours? I’ve always wondered how guys think in different situations, especially when it comes to relationships or dating. There were times I fervently wished I could read minds just to make my life easier. But there were no go-to resources when it came to guy problems. Most of the time I end up bitching about it with my friends who share the same sentiments.

So when I came across this link, I felt a tinge of relief and excitement. Browsing through the site I read so many questions…and answers; from silly to downright provocative and the best part is…real men answer them; not only that, the site offers different POVs. There is the funny guy, reformed player, smart-ass, geek, etc. So I decided to share this to all the women out there who are confused, angry, or frustrated about their man, crush, or guy they are dating.

Use it wisely ladies. Don’t be afraid to ask because trust me…you will be answered!

Comments on: "Have you ever wished you could read a guy’s mind? Check out GuySpeak: Let Real Men Answer Your Questions!" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    there’s this guy that I like alot! and he kinda looks at me.. and I look at him (eye to eye contact).. when I look at him I get this strong connection with him and i get this gut feeling that he feels same way about me.(I think)
    does he like me?

    should I follow my instincts?
    how do I read his mind?
    what shou

    • Well, eye to eye contact is something…as far as I know, guys don’t really do that unless they are interested. You can always confront him about it. It’s better to take that risk than spend the rest of your time wondering…what if?

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