A Surviving Young Adult's Rants and Raves.


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  1. This is sorta long so I’m sorry but I really need help. And keep in mind I am a teenager but don’t underestimate that I’m very mature…ok so me and my boyfriend broke up a year ago oct.24 and we dated Til dec 17 but we broke up for like 3 days between there he broke up with me and he felt so bad like not pity but he was a different person like he cares but doesn’t usually show Til something happens just like my dad and he really cared and he really wanted me back and I wanted him to so then we got back together but the 2nd time we broke up it was completely different he didn’t seem to care all that much and we weren’t even fighting it was so stupid if you wanna here just say but I won’t bother you with it now… Anyway so now we have a couple classes together and it’s so painful because I still really really am crazy for him and some of my friends are like why? He’s not even cool or nice but some are like you guys were so cute I wish you’d get back together and it’s so painful because I can control my eyes from looking over at him hut sometimes I catch him looking at me but barely but it happens but to the real big issue is he NEVER looks at me anymore and I don’t mean checking me out but like in the see like I have no issues with any if my other exs one of them is actually in one if the classes with us but he’s completely different doesn’t look me in the eyes And when I see him in the halls I look at him but don’t on purpose like I lift my head up or I’m turning a corner and he’s there and I just look And look away like I would for anyone but he just lifts his head so high and a acts like I am complexly nothing I hate this I don’t know what to do anymore please help

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