A Surviving Young Adult's Rants and Raves.

Before you begin this look you have to take care of your face. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. We want clear looking skin, not just for this look, but in general. If you have an acne-prone face then make sure the products you are using are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and especially made for you. Make sure that before you purchase any type of product that you apply on yourself, ask about it, be thorough and 100% sure it is safe and clinically-tested. It is better to pay more and get quality results than be cheap and regret about it in the end when you are sitting in your dermatologist’s clinic.

It’s always good to invest in skin care products because it’s healthy and you benefit from it. It boosts your confidence; gives you a blooming aura that people will definitely notice. You will also notice that people will continuously compliment you on how amazingly healthy looking your skin is and you can’t help but smile the entire day.

Not all of us have naturally flawless skin. For oily skin, there different natural regimens you can use. Rubbing lemon peels all over your face can reduce the oiliness. Rubbing ice all over your face will close your pores and will make your face look young and smooth. Before going to bed, moisturize your face. This will hydrate your face as you sleep. When you wake up, rub ice all over and rinse with cold water. You can then wash your face with your cleanser. Choose a cleanser that has pores reducing properties and oil control.

When applying make-up you can use cream or powder foundation. Just wet a sponge with little water to make blending easier. Make sure to keep oil strips with you and a compact powder for retouching in case your face starts getting shiny. The T zone, specifically the areas in between your eyes to the bridge of your nose is usually the first one that becomes oily.

Dry skin needs constant hydration. It usually looks flat and unhealthy. Drink lots of water, use a moisturizing body cream and concentrate on rough areas like elbows, ankles, and knees. You can also use Body Oil after taking a shower so your skin will have that healthy glow. Use liquid foundation, or you can apply moisturizing spray on your face once in a while to give that dewy finish the whole day.

To achieve a flawless looking face when applying make-up, use a face primer or a make-up base. This will condition your skin so your foundation will last longer. This will also even out your face, so you will have a clean canvas. I used 4U2 Spotlight Make-up Base in Green for the red areas of my face. Take note that you especially need to do this during our hormonal period, specifically that time before and during our menstruation. We tend to have red pigmentations around our nose, lips, and sometimes cheeks. No, that does not look pretty and it is NOT a natural Blush.

After the face primer, choose a full coverage foundation. I used Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation. Most products have labels that say studio finish, full coverage, high definition, or flawless finish. This means that it will have a thicker consistency; therefore, it has the best coverage for blemishes and scars on the face; sometimes, you don’t even have to conceal anymore.

For dark circles under the eyes, use an orange/salmon concealer, especially if your under-eyes are of bluish shade because orange shades cancels out blue. If they are more of a dark brown color, you can use the complementary colors of that in the color wheel. If you have sallow areas on your face then you can use pink or yellow concealer to cancel that out. Purple concealers can be used for bruises that are yellow or yellow areas on your face as well. These things are what you call Color correction. We need to learn this so we can achieve that perfect, healthy-looking, natural-looking face. I used a color correcting concealer palette from Dollface cosmetics.

After concealing, set everything with finishing powder. I used Nichido finishing powder in Natural. You may use powder foundation, loose powder, final powder, whichever you prefer, as long as it suits your skin and it effectively sets the foundation and concealer in without looking cakey and overdone.

For a healthy glowing skin, contouring and highlighting is handy. This is also very useful when you will be taking a lot of photographs. Just remember that constant flashes form the camera can melt your face and at the end of the night, you will look like a hot mess. So, make sure you retouch well and use products that are of high quality.

No one is perfect, but we are capable of achieving perfectness when it comes to how we look. That is why I love doing and wearing make-up. It’s not about looking great to other people. It’s about feeling good about ourselves. It’s about boosting our confidence and self-esteem. It’s all about self-satisfaction. So when people start telling you that you don’t need a lot of make-up, you shouldn’t put so much effort in looking beautiful, or it is better to look beautiful naturally, just breathe in and smile because you know better! Embrace your imperfections and make the most of what cosmetics, skin, hair, and body care products can do for you.



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