A Surviving Young Adult's Rants and Raves.

About me

I’m a 23 year old yuppie trying to live my life. To be honest, I’m terrified. Barely a year out of university and I already feel like I’m not going anywhere. Planning seems like walking on an escalator going backwards and I have no control over the things happening around me. I don’t know if you have shared these feelings of helplessness; somewhat like you’re drifting but it really is too complicated to think about in one sitting. I’ve been feeling frustrated lately so I decided to create an outlet for it. But I don’t want it to be just another blog where I write things that most, if not every reader wouldn’t care about. I want it to be informative, interesting, and worthwhile. I’m doing the best I can and I hope this is at least one thing I can control.

Over at the sidebar to the right you can see my links. I placed my Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages so if you are interested follow me! You can also subscribe to my Blog by putting on your email ad and clicking subscribe over there…somewhere. Anyway, if you are a blogger like me then send me a link to your page. I would love to check it out. Leave your comments if you have any and thanks for visiting! 🙂

Comments on: "About me" (10)

  1. dude. thats life. its never gonna feel just right, and if it does you’re fucking kidding yourself. the important thing is to make the most of it and just roll with it.

    • I concur! Merci beaucoup mon’ami…I appreciate your visit to my page. what do you think of the new lay-out; besides the fact that it is girl-y?

  2. ummm the layout changed? yeah that i didnt notice. but i do enjoy the survey on beards. but i shall save u the trouble. beards are awesome. if you dont agree you are on crack, and should be exterminated.

    • How could you not notice?! Lol. Well, I don’t know…I’m considering a beard or mustache. I’ll figure it out when I sleep. I might dream about it!

  3. can you add me in yahoo messenger miss janah? i would like to converse with you more, perhaps alot. if it is ok with you.

  4. i already added you as a friend. i hope you accept the request.

  5. ganda mo nmn poh 😀

  6. Hey.. You started off a nice thing here and then I see a lost trail.. And the youtube videos have been deleted or something… What’s up?

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