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The Make-up Tutorial

Before you start with this look, you have to take note that the raccoon eye make-up trend is not meant to be used as an every day look. It may be appropriate for evening events or a night out with the girls. You also have to take note that pairing this intense look with a dark colored lipstick or too much blush is a big NO. The idea is “glamorous” not “horrendous” We want people focus on the eyes and so, we need to matte down or neutralize everything else.

Prepare your face. Do the usual: Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. For oily skin you can use a primer. I used 4U2 Spotlight Make-up Base. You can purchase it at SM department store. After priming, you will apply foundation that will give you full coverage or you can conceal, conceal, conceal! We are aiming for a flawless face; if you already have a naturally unblemished face, then good for you!
Before you begin applying the eyeshadows, apply loose powder under the eyes so it will catch the fall outs. since you will be packing a lot of eyeshadows on your lids it might get a bit messy. You can then wipe it off with tissue afterwards.
The products used are the following:

4U2 Spotlight Make-up Base
Ever Bilena Advance Stick Foundation in Studio Finish in Creme
Fashion 21 Loose Powder in #1
Fashion 21 Color set (refer to the video for the colors used)
Aido Liquid liner in black
Ever Bilena Concealer and eyeliner pencil
Green Tea Mascara
Dollface Cosmetics Color correcting concealer palette
Dollface cosmetics 66 lip color palette
Dollface cosmetics 72 color palette

How to Create the Look:

  1. Dark green eyeshadow all over the lid including the crease area and the brow bone. Include the lower lash line.
  2. Blend it upwards to reach all the way up to the brows but still leaving a bit of space for the highlight. Extend the eyeshadow on your lower lash line.
  3. pack more of the color under your crease area.
  4. Dark Ashy green all over the lid under the crease to intensify the eyes.
  5. Black eyeshadow to define the crease, inner and outer corner of the eyes.
  6. apply liquid liner all over your lash line. re-define the shape of your eyes to make it bigger by extending the inner corner of the eye and connecting both the upper and lower lash line.
  7. Fill in the gaps with pencil liner.
  8. Get rid of the harsh lines by applying black eyeshadow on top of the liquid liner.
  9. Blend blend blend!
  10. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Then, put on your false lashes.
  11. Clean up the mess and fall outs.
  12. Contour your face with a shade slightly darker than your skin tone.
  13. Set the contour cream with contour powder or any shade close to the cream.
  14. Apply a peachy lip color.
  15. Fix your hair, wear your favorite party dress and fabulous heels.

You are set! Go rock the look and don’t forget to check out Charlotte Church’s album! 🙂


Technically my first kiss (smack) was in high school. I was 14; at the cinema watching Harry Potter 1! But my first REAL kiss was at 15 with my so-called boyfriend.

Be interesting. Go for it!

The Laws of Evening by Mary Yukari Waters

Be interesting. Go for it!

Free stuff! But alas, I work at a hospital…well, free drugs? LOL!

Be interesting. Go for it!

Being a girl can be a BIG PROBLEM. Why? well, we seem to have MORE things like make-up, accessories, shoes, bags, body products, hair products, and the list goes on. Having so much clutter in your room can be a huge problem especially if you have very little space. Most of the time, if they are not organized, you tend to leave them anywhere. And so, one of these things may happen:

  1. You might assume you lost the item or you might actually lose them.
  2. It takes you a million years to find them just when you need them most. Thus, you curse at every living thing you see.
  3. Your outfits are crippled (metaphorically)
  4. Your room will scare people.
  5. The saying “Our room is our sanctuary” will be disgraced!

I don’t know about you, but I HATE all the things I mentioned earlier, and they HAVE happened to me. That is why, I took the time to organize EVERYTHING in my room. Now, it’s very spacey, comfortable, and “nice to look at.”

I would like to share how I did my room to all of you. I barely bought anything! I used what I could find at home like:

  • push pins
  • styrofoam
  • containers
  • trays
  • boxes

These are things you can easily find. You don’t have to get a new dresser or a new jewelry box. Just watch my video and see for yourself 🙂

For more tips here is a link to a Blog Post similar to how I organized my things 🙂
Organizing tips for your Jewelry

Are you a fan of Rihanna? Well, I am; especially with her consecutive hit singles like What’s my name, Rude Boy, and Only Girl in the World. This bad Girl is making it big! Not only is she creating a big impact on other people like Willow Smith in reference to Style, she is also starting to create a trend in fashion and make-up.

So here is my take on her look! It’s flashy, glamorous, and BAD. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel and subscribe!

How to Create this look:

What you need:

4u2 Spotlight Foundation Primer

Ever Bilena Advance Stick Foundation in Studio Finish (Creme)

Dollface Cosmetics Concealer Palette

Nichido finishing Powder (Natural)

Fashion 21 Eyebrow liner in black

Ever Bilena Advace Smoothe eyes cream eyeshadow in Champagne

Lancome Paris palette (beige yellow eyeshadow)

Fashion 21 eyeshadow palette (yellow, coral, brown, dark brown, black, white)

gold glitters

LA colors black liquid liner

Ever Bilena Kohl pencil in black

Fashion eyes Fake lashes

Dollface Cosmetics Blush palette (bronzer and pink blush)

LA Colors lip gloss in Orchid

LA Colors lip glitter in fuchsia pink


  1. Prep your face with the foundation primer, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, and eyebrow liner.
  2. Apply Ever Bilena Advance Smooth eyes cream eyeshadow in Champagne all over your lids including the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the upper part of your nose. This will hold the eyeshadows better and help enhance the colors.
  3. With a flat brush, apply the beige yellow eyeshadow from the lancome palette all over your lids, staying under your crease area. Include the inner corners of your eyes and the upper part of the side of the nose.
  4. With a dome-shaped brush get the coral eyeshadow from the Fashion 21 palette and apply it a little higher than your creasesocket bone and create an outer V on the outer corner of your eyes. This will create an almond-shaped eye.
  5. From the same palette, use the brown shadow and deepen the crease.
  6. Use a clean brush and blend the colors.
  7. Using the dark brown eyeshadow from the same palette, line the lower edge of the crease you just made to give more depth and to create a gradient effect.
  8. Using the same flat brush you used earlier, apply the yellow shadow from the palette over the beige yellow, emphasizing the yellow since it’s the highlight of the look.
  9. Using lash glue, apply some on top of the yellow and then press the gold glitters with a flat brush.
  10. Using eye drops, mix it with the glitters and pat on top of the yellow.
  11. line your upper lashline. Exaggerate the line and create a flick on the inner and outer corners of the eye to attain a “Cat eye” effect.
  12. Line the upper and lower waterline with a black kohl pencil.
  13. apply black eyeshadow on top of the liner to hide the harsh lines. extend the show a little beyond the outer flick.
  14. apply matte white on the brow bone and upper part of the inner corners of the eyes.
  15. use the same dark brown you used earlier and apply it on the  outer corner of your lower lash line just below the black liner.
  16. Curl your lashes and apply mascara and fake lashes.
  17. Contour your face, exaggerate your cheeks.
  18. Apply hot pink bluch  on the apples of the cheeks all the way to the temples.
  19. Blend with the foundation.
  20. apply Lip gloss in Orchid and then the glitter gloss in Fuchsia Pink.

And you are done…

The Make-up:

How to come up with the Look:

Before you start make sure you prep your face. How do you do that? refer to my blog post on cleansing, toning, and moisturizing here and how to apply foundation here.

  1. After prepping your face, use a matte base that is close to your skin tone for smoother eyelids, especially since you will be using shimmer eyeshadows.
  2. Use any palette that you have with at least three different shades of Gold. I used my Dollface Cosmetics 42 Shimmer Palette. You can have your preference, just stick with the concept of light, medium, and dark eyeshadows.
  3. Use a flat brush with the gold and pat it all over your lids keeping it under your crease area. The crease area is where the fold is located when you open your eyes.
  4. Use a dome-shaped brush or any brush that would fit your crease and use the light bronze shadow. Using a swiping motion, apply the product on your crease starting with your socket bone going inwards.
  5. from the starting point of your crease, connect it with your upper lash line and emphasize the outer V of your eyes.
  6. drag the light bronze to the outer third of your lower lash line.
  7. Use the bronze eyeshadow over the light bronze you just placed on the outer third of your lower lash line to emphasize it.
  8. Use a clean brush to blend the colors and to get rid of the harsh lines. Be careful when working with shimmers because they tend to go everywhere like glitters.
  9. In case shimmers get everywhere, you can use an ordinary scotch tape to remove the product.
  10. After blending the colors apply black liner on your lash line. I used my Aido waterproof black liner. Do not make a dramatic flick, just stick with a more natural one.
  11. Tightline your upper waterline. When you say tight-line, you put black liner on your upper waterline.
  12. curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  13. Put on your false lashes and wait for it to dry.
  14. Retouch the liner to hide the base of the fake lashes.
  15. Use a glitter liner. I used a lavander color that complements the golds. Apply the glitter liner just above the black liner.
  16. Apply abundant mascara on your lower lash line to emphasize them.
  17. contour your cheekbones using an angled brush. I used the blush palette included with my 42 Shimmer palette.
  18. Pick out a very light pink blush and apply it just on the outer edge of your cheeks.
  19. Use a blush mousse on the apples of your cheeks. I used Nichido Blush Mousse in Brulee.
  20. Make sure to blend them well.
  21. Line your lips with red pencil liner like Ever Bilena Advance pencil liner. Fill in your lips to help the lipstick last longer and to enhance its color.
  22. Apply red lipstick.

Put on your Santa hat, bring your bag of goodies and head out to your Holiday events. I’m pretty sure that with this look you will definitely catch everyone’s attention 🙂

The Hair:

This is a trend this season. I hope my French braid tutorial was clear enough for you guys. Don’t hesitate to ask me for any clarifications. You can get the braided headband in any accessories store 🙂

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