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Alone with My Thoughts

In the absence of rationality we depend on emotions. But emotions are triggered by a variety of things, one of which are hormones that could be manipulated in so many ways; however, tonight,  in my most vulnerable moment I speak my mind; without hesitation or doubt. I will cease to question the thoughts in my head; I will give life to them and as these words conquer me, I will not feel any shame. Because I know that one way or another, I am lightening my load, leaving my baggage, one by one. And so… I write.

I wish time was not a factor. I wish there was no such thing as too soon. I wish I could just forgive and forget the past; that it could be just you and me. I wish we weren’t so frustrated or distracted. I wish a year felt like 2 days; at least the thrill would remain alive. I wish you’re the one, like I always do each time, but this time, it’s going to be true…I can feel it. I want you. Yes, I think I do. Do you know how much? I have no idea. all I know is that there is something in this, and I think I’m into it. Are you ready? I’m not…but what the hell…let’s dive.

Don’t think too much, just let it happen. We are bound to make a million mistakes and find the things that are worth those mistakes. I have made so many, so many I can’t even remember all of them. Maybe it is about time I collect my due. Let it be happiness, and content, let it be anything but just the material things this world seems to sustain on. I want something pure in my life again, something spontaneous, impulsive! Enough about yesterdays, I have learned to treat every now as important and the people I meet significant in my life. Everything happens for a reason, so there is a reason for this night, for this feeling, for you, for me. Reason is not what we really need, think deeper, deeper.. beyond your mind, to your passions. I used to know what it was like to be free, I somehow miss it. I want to do it with you…Because I know I will be safe. You make me feel secure. I don’t know if I like not knowing…but right now, it just feels so damn good.

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