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Make-Up Basic: Applying Foundation & Concealer

For all make-up enthusiasts out there, I made a video tutorial on how to apply foundation and concealer. This is the very first step you have to learn in doing make-up. Take note that products depend on what kind of skin you have. So, in case you missed the important details during the video, here are a few reminders:

  1. You have to moisturize. This will protect your skin from all the products you put on your face. Make sure you know your face well. By that, I mean…you should know if you have oily or dry skin. There are appropriate moisturizers for specific skin types so don’t ever hesitate to ask the saleslady about that detail!
  2. Most videos you watch on Youtube tell you to put sun screen on. You can do that, especially if you are exposed to the sun a lot. UV rays will increase the rate of wrinkle formation and it will make your face look dull. To identify the SPF number of your sunscreen, Google it! Lol.
  3. If you are  not a make-up artist you don’t have to concern yourself with make-up primers. The main idea is you want your make-up to stay on for hours without having to retouch every 5 minutes. Do the first 2 steps properly. You will avoid caking and creasing on your face. If you are not the type of person who uses foundation before putting on make-up, you might notice that it will smudge and eventually disappear before the night is over…and most of the time it doesn’t look right in pictures. Putting foundation and concealer on doesn’t mean you are trying too hard or doing too much; it’s HOW IT’S DONE!
  4. After moisturizing, use your foundation of choice. There are different types of foundation: Cream, liquid, and powder. When shopping for your foundation color, use the testers! rub a little of the product on your jaw close to your neck, not on your hands. You have to make sure it matches your neck. Out of the three, I prefer the cream foundation.  I usually use Nichido make-up stick. If you are using the powder form, don’t settle for patting it on. Use a sponge, add a little water and then apply it on your face. Make sure to include your neck!
  5. When applying concealers, you can do this after putting foundation on when you used cream or liquid ones. For powder foundation, you can apply it before. Once you have blended the concealer, pat the powder on top; don’t rub! For the video I used Dollface cosmetics concealer palette. Youc an check out Beauty Bar for other product options.
  • Green concealer – cancels out redness
  • salmon concealer – perfect for dark circles under the eye
  • purple concealer – for Asian (Yellowish) skin color

6. After blending the concealer and foundation, pat on the finishing powder or ordinary powder then blend with a powder brush.

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