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Make-Up trend for 2011: BOLD LIPS

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For this year, one of the make-up trends is bold lips. This displays an emphasis on supple, kissable, pouty, and attention-grabbing smackers. It’s flirty, sexy, classy, and simple all at the same time. This is perfect for girls that prefer to keep their make-up on the low. It’s all about flawless, glowing skin and a beautiful deep, bright lipstick.

If you would like to know how to achieve a flawless looking face, then check out my blog post about it here

The most important thing about this look is a clear, matte, and flawless face with contouring and highlighting to enhance the highest points of your face.

A Simple Guide

A Simple Guide

If you want to make something look smaller, contour and use dark colors. If you want to widen it then highlight or use light colors. That is the basic concept. This can be very useful when we want to reshape a person’s face and to cosmetically correct imperfections.

So let’s begin with the products I used to create this look:

  1. 4u2 Spotlight Make up Base
  2. Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Foundation in natural
  3. Dollface cosmetics color correcting concealer palette
  4. Nichido Finishing Powder in natural
  5. Avon neutral eyeshadow palette (for brows and eye lids)
  6. Avon Pencil liner in black
  7. ELF white liner
  8. ELF eyelash curler
  9. ELF Bronzing powder in Sun-kissed
  10. Green Tea Mascara
  11. Ever Bilena lip liner in no. 14
  12. Aido purple lipstick
  13. LA Colors lip gloss in Orchid

Just read and watch my post on how to get a flawless looking face. Refer to the picture above for a quick reference on how to highlight and Contour your face.

When you contour your face, you want to define and emphasize certain areas of your face that you feel, looks flat; like the cheekbone area the bridge of your nose, your temples, and forehead, if it’s too wide. Proper contouring would require the right shade of contouring powder. we want something slightly darker than our skin tone, not too much, but just enough to create the illusion. It will come off as shadows on your face so you have to be careful. A little comes a long way. Proper technique is beneficial. Try to apply the product at the right places, and at areas you feel will compliment your face.

For highlighting, it is important to remember that it will make your face glow in pictures or when light hits your face OR It will make your face look OILY! So you must be careful as well. Apply the highlights at specific areas that will flatter your face like in between your eyes, highest point of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, on top of your cupid’s bow, tip of your chin. Now remember, you can also highlight your forehead; however, you have to make sure that the product is matte, not shimmery! Why? because it can come off as an oily spot in pictures. Take note of that!

For the eyes:

  1. define your crease area using a neutral shade of eyeshadow.
  2. tight line your upper waterline to make your lashes look thicker.
  3. make your eyes look more awake and bright by applying white liner on your waterline.
  4. curl your lashes and apply mascara. Make sure to emphasize those lashes. The more they are curled the more bright looking your eyes will be.

For the Lips:

  1. If you have thin lips, you can cancel out the colors of your natural lips by using foundation or concealer and create your own lips. You have to practice though; it is NOT easy.
  2. If you are satisfied with your lips, just define the shape by lining the outer part with lip liner. it can be a shade close to your natural lips or a bit darker, or it can be the same color as your lipstick.
  3. You can fill in with the lip liner to help keep the lipstick last longer, or you can apply lipstick right away, it depends on you. But for an all nighter, or if you want it to stay on despite a huge meal or lots of smearing, then fill it in.
  4. Apply your preferred lipstick and lip gloss

Don’t be afraid to go all out on your lips, just make sure that the shape is perfect. Clean up the look and you are ready! Flash this look to your friends, co-workers, classmates, and be confident! You look beautiful 🙂

Watch my YouTube tutorial here.

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