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Truth About Internet: The Boxxy Story

The Boxxy Story.


Video might cause an unusual attachment or

extreme headache & dizziness

The Internet has paved the way to a Revolution.

This is the age of Information Technology!

So maybe it’s time we take a breather, sit down, and look at the whole picture. Sure, most of us can’t survive without the internet and I, myself, am an avid fan of social networking sites, video blogging and such…but the more I let myself in, the more I learn about the real deal. My friend JB introduced me to the whole Boxxy incident that slowed down the internet all over the world because it started the whole “War of the Geeks” thing. Har. I know, I know, it sounds kind of cliche’ but I tell you. If you read on the story by clicking on the blog link I posted on top, you will understand what I am talking about. Here is a video of the whole thing being explained. It’s like National Geographic for geeks I swear. Check it out!

Know Your Meme: Boxxy

If you are curious about her Youtube videos this WAS her account: Boxxybabee

If there’s anything you should learn from this It’s that:

  • The internet is dangerous. It can ruin your life
  • Be careful what you put out there. You might regret wanting the attention!
  • Life is a b*tch

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