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Fashion Basics: A Checklist To Create a Timeless And Versatile Wardrobe

Fashion forward or not, every girl needs to know the essentials to having a functional, versatile wardrobe. If you are planning to go shopping and on a tight budget then invest on clothes that you can wear anytime, anywhere, and for any season.  The size of your closet; the number of clothes in them, the brands you have, or the price tags on them don’t really matter. The most important thing is that you have the ones that count. This will teach you to improvise and release your creative side. Being fashionable isn’t about following trends and wearing what’s in, it’s about showing off your personal taste with comfort and finesse. Based on a little research and my personal experience and preference, I have come up with a list that contains the different items you should have; ideally anyway.

Feel free to utilize the list in any way you want. Just be reminded that you don’t necessarily have to go out and shop for every single one. Check your closet, take out all your clothes; who knows, you might have these things already, you just didn’t realize. This will be a good “me” time. I always believe that every girl should have one. it’s not only fulfilling, it’s also beneficial.

I have included links to some items so you can see a sample picture just in case you’re not sure which one I am referring to. For suggestions and comments, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts about the list. So, here you go ladies!

  1. black and white tank top – I like having both black and white tanks but black ones will help you look slimmer plus it’s more stylish. White tanks might appear too clean and simple rather than edgy. If they’re not worn the right way, you can look like you’re going to the gym or to sleep which is a big no-no.
  2. black and white short-sleeved t-shirt – About 1/2 to 1 inch longer than a cap sleeve. I would suggest v-necked short-sleeved t-shirts rather than round necks. It will give an illusion of a fuller chest area and it will help give form to your body. They can be worn casually or semi-formally depending on what you pair them with.
  3. black and white long-sleeved t-shirt – Personally, I’m not a fan of long-sleeved t-shirts especially living in a tropical country. but for colder months, long sleeved shirts that you can pair with a scarf could be a more feminine, stylish choice than a rough-looking sweatshirt or a bulky jacket.
  4. white button-down shirt – this is one of my favorite basics. You can wear it in so many ways like for a job interview, a hot summer day, or a casual night out. I usually wear them with the sleeves rolled up and paired with cropped/boyfriend shorts, vintage tanned belts, comfy sandals and a fedora.
  5. crisp white blouse – you can choose different styles of crisp white blouses but remember to keep it simple. They can be worn casually. Choose cotton fabrics or those that are cool to the skin so that it’s suitable for hot weather and it’s comfortable. In my opinion, this piece is more of laid-back compared to the button-down
  6. cardigan – Need I say more about this? Just make sure you choose neutral cardigans that will match with the colors you usually have in your wardrobe.
  7. cropped jacket – As popularized by Coco Chanel. The cropped jacket has evolved in so many ways. There are different styles to choose from. All you have to do is make sure that they are appropriate for your body-shape. If you have wide hips or thick legs, avoid jackets that are just below your breast or at the level of your waist because this will make them look bigger y making your upper body look smaller. Try to get ones that are long enough to rest just above your hips.
  8. Boyfriend blazers – Personally, trend or not, girls should have their own pair of boyfriend blazers. Just Google-ling this item will show you so many ways of how to wear it. Although I have learned that for 2010, pale colors are in, I still think black or navy blue ones are more classic.
  9. Boyfriend shorts – check out my blog about making your own boyfriend shorts. There are different styles to this one but since you can just make your own pair, you don’t really have to spend anything.
  10. Vest – Vests were the “shiznit” last year, this year not so much. I have spotted studded vests around but in my opinion, I think a plain neutral vest in every girl’s closet wouldn’t hurt at all.
  11. A black dress – It’s not called “the little black dress” for nothing. This is your best friend. When you have nothing to wear, you can always rely on this one to save your fashion problems. Make sure that when you choose your black dress, it has to be simple, classy, and easy to work with. It’s important that it’s not plain but there isn’t much going on either. Just think: can I tweak this dress? Can I wear it on a date or a night out with friends? Can I go to work wearing this? These questions will help you decide on the right one to get.
  12. Skirt – Skirts are everywhere these days. Floral, patterned, pleated, ruffled, tiered, you name it. High-waist skirts started as a trend; a blast from the past with a little tease here and there. Now, with the length of time it’s been around, I’m guessing it will soon become a basic. Generally a tailored pencil skirt that is just above the knees is the basic skirt, but then again, it’s not very realistic anymore. So here’s what I think. Don’t focus on prints and patterns. They come and go. Focus on solid colors.  “Choose black” would probably be too cliche’ and very limiting. I mean, obviously most people would advice you to do that but it’s 2010, pastels are coming in style so to be safe neutral shades would be good. When choosing a high-waist skirt, don’t go for tiered or ruffled ones. I still believe a pencil style skirt would look very sophisticated on any occasion. I want to say you should have it tailored to fit but then I don’t want to impose on you girls so it’s really your choice to make. But tailor-fit ones would cling to all the right places accentuating your features and of course they would look like they were made just for you. Personally, I think a girl should have at least one denim skirt that’s just the right length.
  13. Skinny jeans – If you want your jeans to be flattering, get stretch denim with no more than 2% Lycra. They are comfortable and it will move with you instead of against you. Plus, the best part is you don’t have to worry about muffin tops or jumping up and down just to make them fit whenever you gain a few pounds.
  14. Leggings/jean leggings – learn how to wear them stylishly. You don’t want to dress like a pregnant woman.
  15. Stockings – OK, I don’t mean the secretary-stockings or the nurse stockings. I suggest black or at least neutral ones excluding skin-tones. From experience and personal taste, wear black stockings with ankle boots or high-heeled shoes. This will give the illusion ( for those that don’t really have long legs) of longer, more slender legs. Stockings started to become fashionable awhile back and ever since then it has become an accessory. At one point, printed ones came in style but I don’t really suggest it because naturally it makes your legs look bigger. I read somewhere that fishnets are never fashionable even if it’s the trend.
  16. Belts – It’s good to have at least one (wide and slim) dark brown or tanned belt and one (wide and slim) black belt. For bigger women, wide belts are better since they will flatter your body by cinching your waist and highlighting it.
  17. Seamless nude colored underwear – One big no-no in basic styling is outlined underwear. Sometimes, even if you are not wearing thin fabrics, they still show. Wrong-fitted underwear might cause this. But on the other hand, there are certain clothes, especially those that cling require you to wear seamless underwear. When wearing white skirts, shorts or blouses, it’s wrong to wear white and dead wrong to wear printed underwear. They will show up. Nude colors are more appropriate.
  18. Accessories – It’s important to have accessories because this is how you can bring out your creativity and put your own flavor to what you are wearing.  It’s amazing what you can do with them. A simple ensemble could become an attention-grabber with simple add-ons. For me, I always think…choose pieces where you could never go wrong like: fedora hat, knitted beret, printed scarf, long pearl necklace, long chain vintage necklace, layered  necklace, and the classic standard pearl necklace and earrings, statement ring

Recently, I’ve come across articles on what’s the new wardrobe essentials for 2010 and these are the new items:

  1. posh-looking jersey sweatshirt – “This year’s classic cashmere jumper – provided of course you style it right. It’s all about channelling Parisienne label Isabel Marant and wearing your sweatshirt with something flighty, such as a printed chiffon skirt. This season Gap is, not surprisingly, all over the fashion sweatshirt”
  2. denim shirts – “A denim shirt – somewhere between mid-blue and chambray – is back on the fashion agenda. You can brave the double denim look or you can stay on safer ground and mix a denim shirt with a bold print.”
  3. chinos – You can wear them with metallic pumps. Pale grey takes them further up the fashion food chain and makes them very easy to combine with your new pale blazer. Here’s another picture of chinos made fashionable: Link
  4. ankle boots
  5. day shift dress – Ultimate wardrobe blank canvas. Preferably gray.
  6. printed scarf – Apparently it has worked it’s way up!

So that’s it Ladies! I hope this has been useful 🙂

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