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Handpicked news just for you! | Just another WordPress site

Handpicked news just for you!

If you’re too lazy to do anything other than sit in front of your laptop or desktop all day and search the web for things to take up your time; wouldn’t it be nice to have something apart from Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube to fall back on?

Well, lo and behold!

I’m working on this E-zine┬áthat features posts about entertainment, lifestyle, technology and gaming, and other interesting information that will definitely save you from boredom. It caters to a variety of categories, so, you are free to choose.

It is the shiznit; not just because I post stuff on it, but also because it’s very informative and — I feel like a commercial ad.

Anyway, just check it out! It won’t hurt. I’m asking you nicely. Pahahaha. You might be surprised at what you’ll find there *wink wink* No, seriously.

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