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How to Conceal Your Pimple


YouTube – How to Conceal HUGE Pimples/Zits/Break-outs (LOL).

One of the things that would absolutely ruin a girl’s day is waking up in the morning with a throbbing, flaming zit on her face. It simply isn’t the right way to start a day! You suddenly have the urge to hide under the covers and sulk until the monstrosity disappears.

Well ladies, there is a quick, simple solution to your problem. If you are not a make-up enthusiast, then perhaps you should consider getting a few essentials. What essentials am I talking about? moisturizer, foundation, and concealer of course! They are your best friends when you are hormonal and about to have that time of the month; where pimples seem to pop out everywhere! It’s easy to do and it WILL help you feel a little better.

Before you even begin to start taking care of that evil thing, you have to consider preventing ever having it! As a woman, taking care of your skin is top priority. These are a few tips that I can give you based on my own beauty ritual and of course, experiences:

  • ex-foliate once a week.
  • moisturize your face
  • find a facial cleanser or wash that suits your skin type.
  • Ice pore therapy!
  • Do not sleep with make-up on.
  • Drink your vitamins (Vit. E)
  • Water Therapy
  • Avoid frowning! Be positive (Yes, it will affect your face)
  • Have a make-up free day!

Try to pick a lazy day where you have no plans of going out. A day where you simply want to be a completely useless person.

So those are a few of the things I can suggest. If you have any more tips you want to add to the list, feel free to comment or contact me 🙂

It’s so important to stay healthy and to love yourself. By taking care of your body holistically, you are definitely showing some love. So check out my video tutorial on Youtube and don’t forget to subscribe :-*

YouTube – Angelina Jolie inspired Every day Look


This is by far my favorite everyday look! I usually go for this one because the winged eyeliner look suits the shape of my eyes. This is very easy to do and won’t even take 30 minutes of your time.

If you want to exaggerate it a bit more, you can put on false lashes at the outer part of your eye to accentuate the cat-eye flick. You can cut off a piece from your used false lashes. Just make sure you measure them well so they would be symmetrical.

For a vintage 1940’s look you can apply matte white eyeshadow all over your lid before the eyeliner and put on red lipstick. Make sure your brows are very defined and arched.

For a more Korean feel to it, don’t put on any eyeshadow before the eyeliner, just plain liner then eyeshadow to tone down the harsh lines and put extra mascara on. Koreans have flawless, usually plain faces. I hardly see them wearing blush, so try avoiding that too and focus on wearing matte nude lipstick and gloss it up!

So far, those are my ideas for this look. It’s very versatile and it will never ever fail you! Good luck on trying out the look 🙂


Dollface Cosmetics Entry: What is a Dollface Cosmetics Girl?


Dollface Cosmetics has been my make-up best friend. I purchased a lot of products from them and they lasted for forever. I love the quality, consistency and the prices! They are conveniently placed in palettes that I can bring with me anywhere I go. For those in Cebu who are interested in make-up, you really have to browse their products through the link I posted below.

As written on my description box:

This is my entry for the Dollface Cosmetics Anniversary promo.
This is a link the their site. Check out their products:
Contact number:
(+63) 917-MAKEUP-0
A Dollface girl is Bold but classy. She stands out with her confidence and charm. Everything is tinged with sophistication and nothing is too much when played out with style.
List of products used:
  1. 4U2 Spotlight face primer
  2. LA Colors liquid foundation in natural
  3. Dollface concealer palette
  4. Nichido finishing powder
  5. Dollface cosmetics 78 palette — gray and black for eyebrows, grayshadow for the socket area, dark                                                                       maroon over the gray for depth, black for lower lash line
  6. Ever Bilena Advance smooth eyes in champagne
  7. LA Colors liquid liner
  8. ELF smokey eye quad — shimmery black over the liquid liner, matte white for highlighter, shimmery                                                   dark gray for the outer edges of the eyes
  9. Glitter make up in beige
  10. eye drops
  11. L’oreal thick lashes primer
  12. ELF mascara in deep black
  13. Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Offbeat pink
  14. Signature lip gloss in vanilla

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