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Natural Beauty is Best!

Have you ever experienced feeling very ugly or imperfect? At times, you are too hesitant to spend more than 5 minutes in front of the mirror because you are too afraid to look at yourself because thoughts might run through your head like :

I’m too fat.

My face is too round, my nose is too big,

My eyes are too chinky.

My lips are too full.

I wish I looked like the girls in the magazines, or on TV.

I wish I wasn’t me.

There is a specific point in our life where we begin to notice our physical traits and that is our teenage years. I personally believe that being a teenager is the most challenging thing ever and I would think twice about going back there. Hormones start kicking in and we notice several changes. Some of them, actually, most of them are not good. Our faces become oily, we start getting pimples, and the dreaded menstrual period that I have to say, drives me absolutely insane.

These changes may stop around the end of our teen years but the struggle to become beautiful or satisfied with how we look is still a challenge. When I learned how to do make-up, I was so happy. I learned to cover the dark circles under my eyes, to conceal pimples, and to look different from how I really am.

Time passed I learned about the more important things like taking care of my skin, hair, face, and body. After everything that I have learned I have come out absolutely fabulous! I look and feel great, and I finally embraced my imperfections, and adored my own natural beauty. With this realization, I have grown less inspired to put on make-up so I can look like other people. Instead, I focused on emphasizing the traits that I already have and enhancing them to let my true beauty shine.

That is why this make-up tutorial is truly one of the best things I could share with you guys. It’s simple, and it is very easy to do. I want all of you to sit for a minute in front of your mirror and try to figure out what your assets are, then enhance it with the make-up tips I will be giving you. When it comes to your imperfections, conceal it, hide it with the products I will share with you. Be beautiful in your own way, that is the key to gaining self-confidence and a better outlook of yourself and things around you.

The products I used are available in local department stores and drug stores. I wanted to make sure I made it as easy as possible for every woman out there. So here is the list:

  1. Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation – P165.00
  2. Dollface Cosmetics Concealer palette – an alternative can be the Ever Bilena Advance Face Concealer P150.00
  3. Nichido Finishing Powder – an alternative can be your very own compact powder
  4. Ever Bilena 24 shadows palette
  5. Aido liquid eyeliner – P60.00
  6. Lover’s eyeshadow in Red Earth – an alternative can be any eyeshadow or matte blush a shade darker than your skin tone
  7. Ever Bilena blush in Raisin – P150.00
  8. Ever Bilena matte lipstick in skin – P125.00

For this look, you want less product as much as possible. We only need the basics. Don’t think that if you look like you don’t have anything on your face, then you failed. The point is, we want to look naturally beautifully, like we did not put in that much effort. So rejoice dear! You did great!

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to achieve the natural look.

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